Hôtel pour jeunes filles (Classic French full movie 80s)

Retro vintage film [AlphaFrance] Gérard Kikoïne (1980)
Jerome spends the winter season at a French ski resort where he works as a bellboy. Because of his natural charm and good looks, female staff and guests can hardly resist him.
Just arrived at his room he eavesdrops on Flore and Mika next door who explore each other in their toilet cubicle. There, Flore, who's wearing only boots and a bobble hat, dips her head into the toilet bowl. She 'resurfaces' with a big smile on her face which is totally wet. Mika, who's sitting upside down on Flore's back, bursts out laughing as she wipes her lover's face with her hand. A strange scene - even for French porn of that time.
In the meantime Jerome has put on his uniform and surprises the black maid in the laundry room. He takes her doggy and shoots his load on her back.
Next he takes a lady to her room, carrying her luggage. There she removes her fur coat and reveals her naked body. She then kneels down and rewards him with a blowjob. After he has left she slides one of her heels into her spread pussy, not noticing that she's watched by Dominique from outside through the window. Simultaneously Dominique is fucked from behind in the standing position until the guy spurts his load on the window pane to finish the scene.
Jerome, who has been instructed by the director to provide him with two experienced professionals for a special guest, visits Flore and Mika who run some kind of BDSM fetish studio or health club. While Flore serves a client, Jerome fucks Mika on a stationary bicycle and deposits his sperm on her back.
When he returns to the hotel he serves the guests in the restaurant where two attractive girls arouse his curiosity. They expect him in their room where Julia (with sun glasses) already lolls in the bath tub enyoying a hot bubble bath. He climbs in and gets spoiled orally by them till he's milked on Julia's tits. The threesome continues in bed with Julia being fucked before their faces share his load.
After that he has a short scene with another maid before he meets Julia at her home. They fuck in various positions including a short titfuck sequence but without a money shot.
The movie finishes with an extended sex orgy at the hotel which begins with Flore, Mika and a sheikh. This is spied on by the staff and other guests who then join in.
AKA Le Groom/Groom Partie/Hotel for Young Girls/Love Alpine
Starring Julia Perrin, Sophie Duflot, Flore Soller (as Flore Sollier), Mika Barthel, Dominique Saint Claire (as Dom Pat), Brigitte Lelaurain (as Brigitte Lelorrain), Vanessa, Guy Bérardant, Jack Gatteau (as Jacques Gatteau), Pierre Danny, Joël Charvier, Marc Lebel, Pitof


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