Les seins en feux (Classic French full movie 80s)

Retro vintage film [PlaysirClub] Joe de Palmer (as Pascal Lamothe) France - 1981
Three air hostesses live out their fantasies while stuck in Paris because of a strike. Several people benefit from their taste for ''adventure'': a waiter, a tramp and a fake blindman, not to mention the taxi driver whom they tease with some exhibitionism and mutual groping in the back of his cab. The whole scene is spiced up with some lesbian love between the three girls.
AKA Gestes interdits/3 putes et 1 couffin/Hôtesses de l'air en chaleur/Unersättliche Lippen/Wilde Triebe
Starring Marilyn Jess, Mika Barthel, Marie-Claude Moreau, Richard Lemieuvre (as Richard Allan), Jack Gatteau, Cyril Val, Carmelo Petix


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