Mateur amateur (Classic French full movie 80s)

Retro vintage film [Clap7] Michel Caputo (as Michel Baudricourt) France - 1980
Paul Gillas, a journalist, is immobilised by a broken leg. When not being ''comforted'' by his wife, the maid or a representative of his editor, he spies on the sexual activities of his neighbours across the street and takes notes for a pornographic novel (hence the representative from his editor sent to get his signature on a contract).
AKA Jeux de langues très particuliers/Baise les filles et sodomise-moi
Starring Nicole Segaud (as Helen Shirley), Sophie Abelaid (as Bernadette Bouret), Nadine Roussial (as Chatsy Duenner), Cathy Stewart, Julia Perrin, Martine Capellaro, Sophie Duflot, Richard Lemieuvre (as Richard Allan), Dominique Aveline, Patrick Perrin, Alban Ceray


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