Petite cousine salope (Classic French full movie 80s)

Retro vintage [LesFilmsAleriaz] Joe de Palmer (France - 1983)
Piotr brings prim Eva, the shy cousin of the fiancée, Mika, to a party with the other cast members. Eva is forcibly stripped but then joins in the sexual antics with a will. Non-stop sex and partner swapping follow. A circular bed features in some of the scenes.
AKA Les Petites chattes timides/Sabrina - l'ebbrezza del piacere/Sabrina le sue prestazioni particolari/Intercambio de conejos
Starring Mika Barthel (as Myka), Eva Kleber, Cathy Stewart, Elisabeth Buré, Piotr Stanislas, Jérôme Proust (as Thierry Toussaint), André Kay


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