The Card Game (English dub)

Retro vintage film - Classic French full 80s movie [CaballeroHomeVideo] José Bénazéraf (France - 1983)
A scene of Gabriel Pontello having sex on a bed with Sabina Karen, which becomes a threesome when they are joined by Carole Pierac, is intercut with nightclub footage.
Then we see three couples arriving home. The men (Pontello, Jacky Arnal and a third man) decide to play poker and the women (Cathy Ménard as Danielle Guegard, Evelyne Lang and Lin Wao, a short, slightly oriental looking brunette) retire to the kitchen. One of the men confesses he has no cash so they decide to use their wives as stakes.
There follow scenes of Pontello with the brunette, Arnal and Cathy and the third man in his limo with Evelyne Lang. The final scene begins as a threesome with Pontello, Cathy and Evelyne and they are then joined on the bed by Arnal.
AKA Petits culs à enfiler/Pokerissimo con mogli in palio

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