Lèvres entrouvertes (Classic French full movie 70s)

Retro vintage film - Jean Rollin (as Michel Gentil) France - 1978
Samanta comes home to find husband having sex with another woman. She confronts him and they have a row. He runs off to his friend's house where his friend is having sex with Mica. There seem to be a group of swingers and while they sit round a table on the patio, Cyril is sent off to plead with Samanta. He seduces her. They have sex and then the orgy at the other house moves across to join Cyril and Samanta. She is converted to their lifestyle.
AKA Lèvres entrouvertes pour sexes chauds/Véronique lèvres entrouvertes/Prendimi dappertutto
Starring Marion Webb (as Samanta), Mika Barthel (as Mica), Marie-Line Chanaud (as Maryline), Guida Hernandez, Miriam Wateau (as Miriam Watteau), Nadine Scant, Charlie Schreiner, Patrick Béchard, Gérald Delaire (as Gérard Delair), Cyril Val


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