Tendre et malicieuse Christina (French classic full movie 80s)

Retro vintage [Alpha France] Bob W. Sanders (as Robert Renzulli)
''Just come to me, I'll take you to Paradise''. But Christina will make hell of Herve's life ... populated with extreme pornographic fantasies. A completely different register from his other films, Bob W. Sanders offers a fantastic critically acclaimed XXX masterpiece as its release on December 17, 1980 in the France movie theaters.
AKA Christina fille de rêve/Christina la perverse/Christina the Perverse
Starring Danièle Azzalini (as Daniele David), Cristel Lauris (as Christel Lauris), Sandrine Pernelle, Mika Barthel, Laura Furini, Irene Sandrakis, Jacqueline Keyrel, Dominique Saint Clair, Guy Berardant (as Jacques Martis), Roger Heritier, Henri May, Tony Valles


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